GWAS Analyzer

Genome-wide association studies for linking specific genetic variants with human disease can often yield candidate SNP lists that are too large to manually investigate further. In response to the need for tools to help researchers filter through SNPs that are statistically associated with a phenotype under investigation, we have built the GWAS Analyzer database and web application.

The GWAS Analyzer database links statistical results from association studies, HapMap data, known genes (UCSC Genome Bioinformatics), microRNA (Sanger miRBase), splice sites, and expression data from microarray experiments (GENEVAR project).

A web interface to the GWAS Analyzer database enables researchers to query the database across multiple analyses to quickly retrieve candidate SNPs that satisfy a selected set of properties. We have used the tool to identify a list of candidate SNPs that play a role in human variation in disease susceptibility. Further investigation of the candidates identified through the database targeted a SNP that was experimentally validated to affect a particular pathway known to be involved with multiple diseases of interest.

GWAS SNP Hit Report