The Prokaryotic Genome Analysis Tool (PGAT) is a web-based database tool originally developed as a platform by which to provide rapid analysis of bacterial genomes sequenced using next generation technologies. Multi-strain comparison of microbial genome sequences is dependent upon consistency of annotation across the set of genomes in order to accurately assess the presence and absence of genes, and the state of functional operons or pathways. The PGAT application consists of a multi-genome annotation pipeline for bacterial genomes, a genome database and a web interface that supports the identification of the pan-genome, provides a mechanism for manual community annotation and enables database queries by genome, metabolic pathway or a user defined set of genes.

For PGAT documentation, including detailed descriptions of the tool’s features, a tutorial and contact information, please visit the PGAT website.

Presence and Absence of Genes

SNPs Within Orthologs

Synteny of Genes