Data Integration Core

Dr. Mitchell Brittnacher

Department of Microbiology
University of Washington, Seattle, WA

The Data Integration Core supports RCE projects by providing computational resources to acquire, process, archive, integrate, analyze, query and share experimental data. Most of the effort is directed toward data generated by high-throughput technologies that include whole genome sequencing, RNA-Seq expression, mass spectrometry proteomics, transposon mutant libraries, small molecule screening assays and GWAS analysis. Research projects are supported by the development of web-based database tools and software applications.

What is unique about this core is that, by fostering close collaboration between computer experts and those who perform laboratory experiments, computational support for biomedical research can be provided in a focused, timely and creative manner as experimental needs arise. From another point of view, this core also fosters collaboration between researchers within and outside of the RCE by constructing web-based data sharing tools.

The Data Integration Core provides the following services to investigators of the RCE:

  • Development/hosting of web applications and databases to support GWAS analysis, mass spectrometry proteomics, transposon mutant libraries and other experiment technologies
  • Processing of next-generation sequence data and genome assembly
  • Development of software pipelines to support SNP, RNA-Seq, comparative genomics and other large scale data processing
  • Assistance with developing computational screens and custom bioinformatics tasks
  • Online data storage/automated backups