Transposon Mutant Libraries

Dr. Colin Manoil

Department of Genome Sciences
University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Strains from the F. novicida U112 transposon mutant library are now being distributed to the general research community by BEI resources. There are two mutants available for most of the nonessential genes in the U112 genome (the "two-allele" set). The strains have been single-colony purified and most have been successfully re-sequence-mapped to confirm their transposon insertion locations. Individual mutants as well as the full two-allele set (3,072 strains; catalog #NR-8024) are available for order from BEI Resources.

Tools available on may be used to easily browse the collection and assemble your list of mutants for ordering from BEI Resources. Use the transposon insertions browser page to review and select individual insertion mutants. You will be provided with a corresponding list of BEI Resources catalog numbers which you may use to place an order with BEI Resources.

It is recommended that researchers verify transposon insertion locations by PCR (or sequencing) prior to use.