Web Resources & Software

The NWRCE Data Integration Core support of NWRCE projects includes development of web tools and other software to facilitate analysis, visualization, integration, querying and sharing of research data.

Title Description
Prokaryotic Genome Analysis Tool (PGAT) Web-based tool for SNP analysis and gene comparison of closely related bacterial strains
Prokaryotic Sequence homology Analysis Tool (PSAT) Web-based tool for examining sequence homologs and their genomic regions across multiple bacterial genomes
GWAS Analyzer Web-based tool to facilitate filtering candidate SNP lists from GWAS analysis
Francisella tularensis Genome Browser Web-based genome browser for exploring F. tularensis genomes
Francisella novicida transposon mutant library Web-based tool for searching and viewing transposon insertions for the F. novicida transposon mutant library
NWRCE Genome Browser Web-based genome browser for exploring the genomes of bacterial organisms relevant to NWRCE research
SeqTile Genomic sequencing software for tiling end sequences of inserts against a reference sequence to determine locations from which each insert might have eminated
Genome Sequencing Software Utilities Software utilities for genome sequencing assembly